Parution : Ouvrage collectif – Public Diplomacy and the Politics of Uncertainty

Le 24e volume de « Palgrave Macmillan Series in Global Public Diplomacy » se focalise sur les stratégies et les enjeux de la pratique de diplomatie publique dans le contexte d’incertitude. Ce volume s’intitule « Public Diplomacy and the Politics of Uncertainty».

Voici la présentation de l’ouvrage:

This edited book explores the multi-layered relationships between public diplomacy and intensified uncertainties stemming from transnational political trends. It is the latest wave of political uncertainty that provides the background as well as yields evidence scrutinised by authors contributing to this book. The book argues that due to a state of perpetual crises, the simultaneity of diplomatic tensions and new digital modalities of power, international politics increasingly resembles a networked set of hyper-realities. Embracing multi-polar competition, superpowers such as Russia flex their muscles over their neighbours; celebrated ‘success stories’ of democratisation – Hungary, Poland and Czechia – move towards illiberal governance; old players of international politics such as Britain and America re-claim “greatness”, while other states, like China, adapt expansionist foreign policy goals. The contributors to this book consider the different ways in which transnational political trends and digitalisation breed uncertainty and shape the practice of public diplomacy.

Table of contents

Ch 1: Introduction
Ch 2: The American Century if Over. What comes next.
Ch 3: From Propaganda to Mediated Public Diplomacy: The case of China
Ch 4: Global Cities against Climate Change
Ch 5: Public Diplomacy and International Trade
Ch 6: The Dark Side of Digital Diplomacy
Ch 7: Systemic Pressures and Local Determinants in South American Public Diplomacy
Ch 8: Presidents’ Public Diplomacy Practices on Social Media
Ch 9: China’s Confucius Institutes and Public Diplomacy
Ch 10: Coping with Lies about Sweden
Ch 11: Economic Determinants of India’s Public Diplomacy towards South Asia
Ch 12: Beyond Soft Power: The Everyday Global Politics of Post 9/11 US Cultural Diplomacy
Ch 13: Foreign Correspondence and Public Diplomacy 2.0
Ch 14: Conclusion

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